Private Events

Private Events are any rented gatherings in our space that are closed to the general public. Please note that we do not have a separate event space. Therefore, a private event requires a full rental of the entire bar and arcade. These types of events include, but are not limited to:

  • Weddings
  • Wedding Rehearsals, Receptions, or Pre-Wedding Events
  • Student or Organizational Mixers (Greek, etc) or Cocktails
  • Business Events or Employee Appreciation Parties
  • Private Birthday Parties for Adults

As of June 2023, our policies for booking these events are changing. We will no longer have set rental prices. Therefore, each inquiry and any subsequent price quote will be considered based on availability, plus the relative risk or impedance to our normal business.

Please note that we are no longer going to consider Kid’s Parties for private events. Please see the Kid’s Parties page for further details. We will not consider any event inquiry with a duration less than four hours in length. All private events will be 18+, unless otherwise approved by the event coordinator.

Should you rent us out for your private event, you are renting the following things from The Baxter:

  • The bar, arcade, and patio – which encompasses the entire space
  • The appropriate staff, which will be assigned and costed based on the number of guests you will have in attendance
  • Free play on the arcades
  • Access to our full bar and non-alcoholic beverage selection. All drinks must be purchased from us.

Things that can be discussed or added on are as follows:

  • A bar tab – be it open, cash, or some combination of the two
  • A gratuity for the staff
  • Whether you want to bring in food or catering
  • Whether you wish to provide entertainment for your guests, such as a DJ or Karaoke

All of the above and any other details or requests will be handled by the event coordinator.

To inquire about private events, please email

Include the desired date, time frame, nature of the event, and the approximate number of guests that will be attendance. Someone will respond to you within 48 hours.

*Last updated May 26, 2023*